My son Josh, trying to convince me he wanted a ferret.

Tracy Ann Digital Art: Wild Things

although there were plenty of other animals
at the Kidz Kountry day camp, you were focused
on making sure that you showed me the ferrets. You
were quite sure that once I saw how much you enjoyed
the rodents. While it’s true I am a sucker for animals
and rarely refuse requests to “bring it home, please,
mom?” you had met your match in me with these crea-
tures. I don’t like them, have never liked them, and
can claim with a certain air of authority that I shall never
like them. When I assured you that you could have as
many ferrets as you wanted when you moved out on your
own, you could see the fight was over.

Throughout the years we have had our share of
hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits, but never a ferret.

Let’s keep it that way.

tfl, susan