A series of photos of my youngest. Thanks for looking!

Journalling--Let it be known that you don’t just act this way because I’ve pointed the camera at you.This is the way you live. Every moment is a chance to be silly, to get noiced, to make us laugh.Everyone agrees, you are the silly clown of the family, the family nut, so to speak. What would we do without you and your constant source of laughter and happiness. Your part in this family is unfillable, but by you. Sometimes I wish that I could bottle up your laughter and silliness, so that I would have it with me always.

Birgit's Lots of Labels
Catrine's Alpha Links {Jeannie}
Birgit's slim & trimmedalpha - dots
Ida's Crayon Doodles
Ida's Doodles Stars-- Catscrap
Experiment #1 Template--Emily Powers- We are Stoytellers
Love You Tons Kit-- Holly Designs,
Get Punched Alpha--Nikki Beaudreau--Shabby Pickle Designs
Tuckables--Kellie Mize,
Staple Its-- Pattie Knox,
Cut Up Descriptors, Drop Shadow Actions
Notebook paper 2--Katie Pertiet,
Happy Days Paper-- Jesse Edwards,
Party Pop Dot Alpha--Rob & Bob Studio,
Distressed Tool 3-- Anna Aspnes--Designer Digitals