Some 36 hours later.....I'm finally done! Whew! That was a workout for my RAM. Smile But it was fun and I learned some new stuff too.

Every year we take my DD's picture at the spiget to see how she's grown.


It’s April 2008 and

you’re growing.

“You’re growing like a weed” some say.

But I know you’re not.

I know you’re growing like a flower.

Like the daffodils in front of you, blooming and blossoming with new growth each day.

But unlike the daffodils, you will continue to delight me on into the bright summer months, the cool days of fall, and the deary winter.

And I will cherish that, knowing that “You’re growing like a flower.”

::All Designer Digital Products Used::

Katie Pertiet's Cardboard, Sacked Harvest Paper, Stamped Blocks

Anna Aspnes' Something Springy Paper

Font is Berlin Sans