Been doing baby photos so a little behind on my AAY! This is for Pattie Knox’s AAY.
Journaling: I am very much a creature of habit! When I find a product I like, I am a very loyal customer! I have used the same perfume and cologne for 40 years. My cousin wore it and I fell in love with the soft fragrance of it. It is Ambush by Dana. I have tried other perfumes and colognes but always returned back to Ambush. My favorite is the Spray Cologne. There is just something about it that goes well with my body chemistry and I receive so many compliments when I wear it. However, they are no longer making it so it is no longer being sold at the stores. I can now only get it by ordering it from a perfume warehouse. And I am dreading the day that they say they have no more!!!
Lynn Grieveson: In Distress No2 Paper Pack, Capri Kit, Hint At It Brushes;
Katie Pertiet: Vintage Photo Frames Curled n Flat;
Anna Aspnes: Torn N Tattered Paper Template No1