This is my LO for the DigiDares #91. The journaling is really long, so if you actually make it through it, thanks! Actually, thanks for looking whether your read the journaling or not! :-)

Being fit, active, and passionate about football, you were excited about having kids.  When we were expecting our first son, you were already dreaming of throwing the football, wrestling around, and all the guy-stuff you wanted to pass on.  Then the accident.  When our firstborn was not yet a year and a half, and our second son was just a wish, the accident changed our future.  It changed you from the dad you had wanted to be to the dad you have become.  And that's not all bad.  You became a dad that talked to your boys, really talked to them.  You took them fishing from the time they could walk.  And you developed a relationship with them that I've never seen between a dad and his boys.  I'm so proud of the dad you've become.  And I know the boys are the better for it!  Anytime you doubt that, just read the paper your son wrote.  It’ll leave no doubt!

My son:
Hey Dad.  I know that as father and son we have our small battles from time to time, but you’ve been my best friend since I was little, even when I didn’t realize it. Sure every once in a while a selfish, fleeting thought will cross my mind, wishing we could play football together or race each other through the field, but then the thought is driven out by the realization that, had you not fallen from thirty feet up in a cottonwood tree that one fateful day, you would not be the man you are now.  All the priceless conversations and memories would all have been changed.  That fall may have locked the door to a one on one basketball match here and there, but it opened your mind to what is really important.  Who would you be today without that?  What would you be like?  I just want you to know that, even though at times it’s painful, I love you for who you are now.  Learning to be a better person from you is worth all the time in the world of home runs, jump shots, and touchdowns.  Thanks.

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