Cute but all evens out in the end

Brenda & I went shopping the other day, and she pointed out a card w/ that said "Cute but all evens out in the end." I liked that and when I saw this pic, I knew what to do!

Well, maybe not exactly psycho, but definitely a little...well, crazy. Yes, definitely crazy! He loves making silly faces and saying goofy things. Anything to make someone laugh. At home or in public, with folks he knows or surrounded by strangers, he just doesn’t care. He’s just who he is. And we love him in spite of (or is it because of?) his craziness!

All Designer Digital
--Ledger Paper Pieces Journalers & Circles
--Ledger Grids brush
--Stitching Holes 2
--Open Up Frames 2
--Naturally Krafty Paper Pack
--Yarn Swirls (staple)
--Groovy Boy kit
--Krafty Torn Edges
--Dripped Stains 1
--Punctuation Brushes