My grandmother & her oldest sister in 1917 & 1918. I imagine that the flags were probably a popular photo prop due to WWI.
My grandma was the youngest of 4 girls & her sister Myrtle (pictured) was almost 13 when she was born. MomMa has commented many times (she'll soon be 95) that she never knew Aunt Myrtle as a girl - only as a young lady & like a second mother & she was so old-fashioned. That always struck me funny, because my I couldn't imagine what my grandma would consider old-fashioned! LOL I finally asked her one day & she said, "Well, Myrtle always did all the things a young lady was supposed to do - make lace, quilt, sew, etc. ... everything I had no interest in!" It seems MomMa took it upon herself to be the "boy" of family & left all the "lady-like" things to her sisters. Smile She learned quickly enough what she needed to know when she got married & started having children!

Paper & stitched tag - Orchid Row kit, Katie Pertiet
Oval frame adapted from Katie's Vintage Frames Round
Strip Frame adapted from Katie's Proof Sheet Frames

TFL, Staci