Drop Shadow Styles- Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals
Hopscotch Kit- Leora Sanford, Little Dreamer Designs
Hot Mama to Be Kit- Lauren Reid, Little Dreamer Designs
Kid Coutoure Element Pack- Lori Barnhurst, Little Dreamer Designs
Sweet Dreams Stash Vol 2- Leora Sanford, Little Dreamer Designs
Ella Kate Kit- Heidi Larsen, Little Dreamer Designs

Jacob and Ian love spending time at the Kiser’s house with Luc and Jules. There is always something crazy cooking with those three boys, and Jules is usually at the receiving end of their mischief. On this particular visit late last summer, Luc and Jake decided that Ian should “marry” Jules since they were both the same age. Ian was all for the idea, so the boys set to work dressing up the “groom” and preparing for a wedding. Ian had to wear Luc’s clothes, so everything was huge on him, and neither Jake nor Luc knew how to tie the tie correctly, but they did their best. They slicked Ian’s hair back and found a crown for him and a ring for Jules and then set off in search of the bride-to-be. Jules wanted nothing to do with the scheme at first, but eventually, Luc and Jake were able to convince her to marry Ian- just for the day. Goodness, these boys are so silly! (August 2007)