The annual cleaning and opening of our pool...

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The opening of the pool. The first
time we’re able to use the pool this
season. After the draining of the
water, the scrubbing clean of the
sides, and the re-filling. The most
amazing difference when the pool
is filled, tested, and given just the
right amount of chemicals to get
the “just right” blue to the water.
All the kids helped daddy, and they all
got the reward of that first dip,
that first afternoon on a hot day,
which for some reason nearly
always coincides with Memorial
Day weekend. The every-other-
year trip to replace the toys that
take such a beating, not only from
play, but also from the relentless
southern sun made it a necessity
to replace them, and the new
hanging plants complete the pic-
ture. To see the children occupied
and playful, not to mention getting
some great exercise in the process, does a mom’s heart good.
Like, after the winter, lots of things
might have changed, but some things
are the same. The laughter, the fighting,
the endless applying of sunscreen...
tfl, susan