Another month, another LO for my DD. I'm not sure when I am going to quit the monthly Lo thing (would 46 months be ridiculous?) but I am loving them so much right now.

I'm also getting a ton of inspiration from the gallery. I loved Bonnie's Lo esp of "Preview" and what she did to the papers and when I saw B-Jo's paint splotches in 'the Purse says it all' I knew I found my last accent!! (Thanks guys!)

Papers: LGrieveson-Maddie
Frames: KPertiet VintagePhotoFrames No9-2, and Carded Stacked Frames
Brushes: KPertiet ad challenger edger 5/11/08, K Pertiet Oil crayon Brush, AAspnes Paint splotch May 5
Ribbon: LGrieveson ad leather
Accents:KPertiet Pinned Sentiments, KPertiet Metal Photo corner
Flowers: LGrieveson all my love kit
Alpha:KP_Cream Chunk Chip, CK ali writing, VtReminton, Pea Christy
Kpertiet Drop Shadow Styles (these are cool!)
Thanks for looking.