Tanner will be 3 on sunday...sigh. I thought it would be neat to document some of the major and not so major events of this year. Might be cool to look at when he is 20!
(if you can think of any other world or neat events that happened after May of 2007, let me know, I can always add more cool things!! I had trouble finding much from 2008)
All DD:
Lynn G:
Nanyang kit
Anna A:
Dripped Stains
Today page set
Mindy T:
Little Treasures ribbons
Jesse E:
Lov-e-ly Solids recolored a bit
Katie P:
Stitching Holes
Naturally Krafty Paper Pack no.1 recolored a bit
Doubled up Stitching
Graphic Pop Edgers No.2
Messy Stamped Alpha no.2
I used the polygonal lasso tool to "cut" the paper to give it that hand cut look (precisely the reason I don't paper scrap!)
Journaling: you became a big brother gas prices rose to almost 4$ a gal (over 4 for diesel) you went to the hospital twice (nurse maids elbow and strep throught) your imagination bloomed there was a writers strike and prime time TV halted for months you have two+ imaginary friends We got a minivan Bob Barker aired his last episode of The Price is Right you learned your ABC’s and to count to 20 the final Harry Potter Book was released daddy built you a sandbox we bought a boat milk costs over 4$ a gal. your cousin dylan was born David Cook won American Idol Clyde went to live with Yaya after a bite incident among your favorite TV shows were big comfy couch, barney, little bear, max and ruby, and zobomafoo. George W. Bush served his last of an 8 year presidency Yaya beat cancer daddy tought you about fishing mommy took up photography you potty trained

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