**For DigiDare 88** This just might be the most fun I've ever had making a page~ it's definitely the funkiest page I've ever made! Smile Thanks for looking!!

1. Laughing and the sound of laughter. 2. Rags to riches stories. 3. Caramel Lattes with Madeleines or Chocolate Dipped Biscotti. 4. Cozy Pajamas- I have lots of different styles for every season. 5. Lots and lots of ice in my drinks (except water) 6. History- especially WWII and The American Civil War. 7. Digi-scrapping 8. The off-key singing of my children standing next to me in church Smile 9. Fields full of wildflowers 10. The good feeling I have after a hard work out! 11. God's unchanging, unfailing word- The Bible 12. Thanksgiving 13. A clean house 14. Kitchen gadgets 15. Birdwatching 16. Books & magazines 17. Tex-Mex 18. The quiet stillness of the house when everyone is in bed. 19. Weather-rain, snow, thunderstorms, sunsets 20. Bass fishing! 21. Traveling 22. Anything food related 23. Hot and fresh food 24. The many people I've met online that have become a daily part of my life. 25. A fire crackling in the fireplace 26. The crunch of fall leaves underfoot 27. Taking pictures - especially of my kids. 28. My family- they are my world 29. Singing- in the car, shower, church, everywhere 30. Dishes- I love to collect dishes of all kinds 31. Ysatis by Givenchy- I've worn it all of my adult life -it's not too sweet and a little spicy 32. The creak of the front porch swing 33. The feel and smell of crisp, clean sheets.

{Re}fresh Kit-Nikki Beaudreau
She's So Natural by Holly Designs-- Shabby Pickle Designs
Thanksgiving Doodles- Kate Hadfield - The Lily Pad
Syrin's Silly Frilly Flowers, Travel In Time Element Pack
Birgit's Slim and Trim Alpha, Madam Mim's Birds in a
Tree Kit, Catrine's Traces Kit, Come Out
and Play Kit-- Catscrap
Gina Cabera- December Idea Notebook (foiled music notes) Digital Design Essentials
Mailroom Paper, Naturally Krafty Paper, Little Bits Alpha,
Colorful Bits Alpha, Little Bits Alpha Reverse, Birdwatcher
Silhouettes, Digitally Pressed Petals 4, Dirty Note Alpha,
Letterbox Traveler Kit-Katie Pertiet
Painted Overlays- Anna Aspnes
Clear Epoxy Alpha, Layered and Stapled Alpha-Kellie Mize
It's a Girl Thing Alpha - Mindy Terasawa
Web Challenge Freebie (bird) - Andrea Victoria
Chat Freebie (music notes)- Jesse Edwards
Have a Heart, Shimmer Me Tidbits-- Pattie Knox--Designer Digitals