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My daughter at Vasquez Rocks, CA after a soccer game. She was standing under a rock "awning"... how lucky I caught the right lighting!

little did i know... when i took this photo, i had no idea it might be the last time you would wear your wolfpack uniform. sure, the season was
over for you... your team had just lost in the “sweet sixteen” at nationals and we had stopped on the way home at vasquez rocks. but, i had no idea that later, on the drive home, you would tell me that you didn’t really want to come back next season. that you weren’t really happy on the team. you told me the next year in high school, you should focus on your education (your very mature words). words which, of course, i couldn’t argue with! you told me that you wanted to step back and have FUN playing soccer with your good friends. you told me that you were tired of the pressure of playing at such a high level. yeah... little did i know. but i’m happy you’ve told me and i promise you that i will support you in your decision to “play down”. as hard as it is, i know we need to move forward in YOUR direction and not mine. i love you, dolly...

Paper: Crated Botanicals
Twine: Hemp Ribbons No. 2
Tag : Mega Tag Kit
Soccer Ball: Little Enamels Sports

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi

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