These pics of my boys playing Legos in their bedroom were taken in Sept of '01. They were 8 1/2 and barely 6 at the time. Times have sure changed! Now, instead of Legos, it's dirty clothes and trash everywhere! Smile

I remember when...Legos were THE thing around our house. When trips to Wal-Mart had to include a visit to the Lego aisle. When our floors throughout the house were littered with the primary-colored blocks. When my vacuum was continually swallowing various pieces. When I had this bright idea of storing the Legos by color (yeah, right!) And I especially remember the many times your Dad & I would step on one of those hard blocks. OUCH! But, I also remember the interesting “creations”, usually including weapons of some type, that each of you would bring to me, earnestly describing every feature. And I remember knowing that I had the smartest, cutest boys ever.

Katie Pertiet
--Little Tot Transport Kit
--Out of a Box Cardboard
--Hobo Stars
--Open Up Frames No2
--Loosely Labeled No2
--Little Bits Alpha
--Messy Stamped Alpha
--Messy Stamped Trims
--Stitching Holes
--Krafty Paper Pack
Lynn Grievson
--Island Blues (postage)
Ann Aspnes
--Bear Newborn kit (clock)
Jesse Edwards
--Sass for Your Class (bow)
Pattie Knox
--Shimmer Me Tidbits