I cracked last night, and I'm afraid that I will not be winning the Mom of the Year award this year. It's ironic, because I had done this layout about Mykiah just last weekend, and last night I was not feeling any of this. And now we have to re-strenthen our bond, with both of us apologizing all over ourselves. Ah, preteen drama combined with a stressed out mom. Not a good mix.

Journaling reads: As the months go by, it's getting harder for me to keep up with your moods. Some mornings you wake up, and you're in a great mood and eager to do whatever I
want. And some mornings you wake up so critical of me and what I'm doing. Which both breaks my heart and makes me proud that I've taught you to think for yourself and question authority. Which is different from being disrespectful, which you sometimes are as well. I'm going to stick by you. Even when it's rough, and youdon't like me much. I'm going to be consistent. And I'm going to be your mom. I'm afraid that in the years ahead, the days where you don't like me may outnumber the days when you do like me. But we'll survive together. 8.05

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