This is a picture of my DH on our vacation completely determined to master the trapeze. Don't ask me the time he was running about a 102 degree fever! Maybe he was just acting crazy...made for a fun memory though! He of course, very craftily talked me into trying it too! TFL!

All DD Products:
KPertiet 9pm (all day event) Web Freebie (photo cluster & brush), ledger paper, out of a box alpha, flossy stitches, jewelry tag
Fonts Used: Segoe Script & Courier

Journaling reads: "Who would’ve thought that there would be a trapeze at our resort! It opened daily for lessons for all the guests to give it a try. It was overwhelmingly daunting, but for some reason we HAD to try. You were SUCH a trooper, seeing as how you had the FLU! It didn’t matter though, you were determined to participate in the family activities! I personally think the scariest part was just climbing the ladder and the rope burns weren’t a whole lot of fun either, but given the option I’d do it over and over again.. I’m not sure why it was so captivating...maybe because it felt like I was at recess in the third grade all over again playing on the monkey bars. Club Med Ixtapa, Mexico" and "tra·peze (tr-pz, tr-) n.
1. A short horizontal bar suspended from two parallel ropes, used for gymnastic exercises or for acrobatic stunts."