This kid loves to make people laugh, but he is the absolute funniest when he's serious. I had to record this conversation we had the other day, I didn't want to forget it. The journalling reads--Every family has one; a funny, silly clown, that never fails to entertain. Trent, you definitely fill that role in our family. Whether you are trying or not, you always manage to crack us up. It is especially funny when you don’t mean to. Like the other day during our phonics lesson...Me--What sound does the letter Q make? You-- It says Q. Me- No, Q says Kwuh like quack. You-- No Q says Q like.....Bar-B-Q!

What could I do but laugh... He had a GREAT point!!

This page was also inspired after browsing two of the books I ordered from Ideabooks for You: Freestyle, and That's Life (Thanks Katina Smile ) Thanks for taking the time to look and read!!

--All products from Designer Digitals--
Katie Pertiet--
Notebook Paper, Graph Paper, Journal Strip Masks,
Between the Lines Alpha, Messy Stamped Alpha 2,
Little Bits Alpha, Little Bits Alpha Reversed, Everyday
Cut Ups, Doodle Frames 3, Wynken Blynken Nod Kit (button),
Proofsheet Frames (staple), Drop Shadow Actions
Anna Aspnes--
Doodled Scallop Mask, Distressed Toolset 3
Pattie Knox--
Brad Bonanza, Feeling Blue Alpha
Lynn Grieveson--
Stitched Star
Mindy Terasawa--
Flutter Butter Alpha