My 4-year-old DD recently did this family portrait, and I knew I had to preserve her perception of our family. I love how in her drawings she and her new brother look so much alike ... but that is for another LO! ;-) I toyed with just having her drawing alone on the LO but thought it better to freeze this moment in time for us all. I also had a more "sophisticated" LO but chose to go more childlike. Hope I chose "wisely"! ;-) (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!)

Journaling: "A rainbow is a sign of a promise from God"

Thank you for looking!

Credits (ALL purchased at the FABULOUS 30% off sale! Can we do that every week, Katie???? ;-)

Watercolor Brush, Tag, Postage Stamp Frame, Stitching Holes, Mailroom Paper -- Katie Pertiet
Hearts -- Pattie Knox
Linen Overlay -- Jesse Edwards
Fonts -- Times New Roman / Beach Type