I love you Amika, but I can tell you that I am glad that you are finally walking!!
Just after your first birthday you started walking on your knees, or STUMPING as we called it. It became a bad habbit, and your knees built up some serious callouses! This picture makes me laugh and is a perfect example of you STUMPING an you look like you have no legs!!
Thanks for Looking, Nichole

Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty Paper
Stiched Notecards
Clear Buttons
Love Tickets
Loosley Labled

Pattie Knox
Dipped Chip Buttons
Have a Heart
Pin In's
Arrow Button, It's black and White Alpha

Worn Strips #3, Lynn Grieveson
Guidlines, Marryann Wise
Cut Square, Ad Challange, Kellie Mize