I used Shhbabymine's "Finding Comfort" LO
for this page of my childhood home from the 60s.

Journaling: I have fond memories of this house we lived in when I was in grammar school;
a typical ranch style with a definite 60s color scheme. Every year, this flowering
peach tree announced the arrival of spring with a glorious display of pink blossoms.
Of course, I have no recollection of who had to rake up the petals once they fell;
probably dad, who is seen in the lower photo watering the lawn. Concord, CA 1960s.

CleanSerene BG
Blueline Botanical, Watery Washes, Lifted wings, Stitching Holes,
Messy Stitches, On the Edge Letter Box Brushes.
Mama Page Set (Clipping Mask, Frame, Staples).
CK Ali, Escape Typewriter.

{tfl. chris}