Here's my layout that tells about my name.

Templates - "You" template (scalloped edge, stitching) and "Best Buds" template (frame, staples, flourish, both by Katie Pertiet
bg paper - Jessica Sprague Strawberry Lemonade
scallped paper - Fairy Dreamer paper by Katie Pertiet
"sweet little one" word art and birdies from "Sweet Little One" template by Katie Pertiet
Title font - Kunstler Script
Journaling font - CK Ali's writing
Journaling reads:
"My given name is Loraine Kay. Loraine, is my Mother’s middle name, and Kay is the middle name of my paternal Grandfather and an Aunt. Although my given name is Loraine, I’ve always gone by Lori. My parents had the name, Lori, picked out long before I was born. With their first pregnancy, it was going to be Kendall or Lori. It was Kendall. Next time it was going to be Jeffrey or Lori. It was Jeffrey. Then Michael or Lori. It was Michael. When my Mom was finally pregnant with me, I don’t think she believed she’d ever have her Lori.
When I had my first daughter, I gave her the middle name of Loraine. Her name is Amber Loraine. The spelling of my name is unique. It’s Loraine with only one “r”. That’s how my Grandmother spelled it on my Mom’s birth certificate, and that’s how we’ve spelled it since. My husband has a sister named Lori, so sometimes his family members will use our middle names to keep things straight: Lori Kay and Lori Lynn. I’ve always liked my name."
tfl! ~Lori