I finally got my name page completed!

I've always liked my name, probably because I receive so many compliments about it. I know I've always liked the fact that it wasn't very common, too, even though that meant never being able to find souvenirs, pens, or bicycle plates with my name on it. As a matter of fact, I've only known one other Katina in all my 35 years. We graduated from High School together and I had gone to school with her for years before I found out her name (she went by Tina).

I have never liked being called Tina. For some reason, people like to shorten it, and though I answer to it, I just don't care for it. Maybe if my parents had called me Tina while I was growing up, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. But, they didn't...at least most of the time.

I also get called Katrina a lot by people who don't know me and when they see my name, they just assume there's an 'r' in there. I have to admit it gets very tiring to explain it every time.

I remember asking my mom a long time ago how they came up with my name. She said there was a baby born on a soap opera that they named Katina, and she just liked that name. The other day, I looked it up and found out the name of the soap opera was Where the Heart Is. It ran from September 1969 through March 1973, two months after my birth. After reading about the series on Wikipedia..well, let me just say, I'm very surprised, knowing my Mom as she is today, that she'd ever have been interested in such a series.

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