My son Nick discovered the joy of hiking up mountains during his study abroad in Norway. Now he wants to learn rock climbing when he comes back to the US. He sure is not getting this adventuresome streak from me.

The layout is a scraplift from the book "The Designing with Recipe Book"

Journaling reads:

Nick and three friends he met in Oslo traveled to Stavanger, Norway for the week-end. They took 12 hours to hike up to the top of two peaks. The climb was rocky and difficult but fortunately, the weather co-operated. The sun even peaked out at them and the rain stopped at just the right moments.
There was a 600-ft cliff that Nicholas wanted to get right to the edge. But not he nor any of his friends could do it. The closest they got were a few feet away from the edge. As his mother, I am thankful that he did not take more risks than that.
The weather was still very cold and in the picture at far left, Nicholas was trying to warm up his frozen fingers. The question is where were his mittens?

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Scraplift of "Six" layout by Cathy from the book "The Designing with Recipe Book"