O.K., so I'm cheating a bit here! I actually created this layout a couple of years ago...but it fits into one of the prompts you'll get at tonight's chat! Hope to see you all there!

Did you ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself that you were worrying for nothing...or that you had your priorities screwed up?

Journaling Reads:

Don’t blow your family off to spend time with your friends. One day you’ll realize that they are the best friends you have. The world won’t end when you and Randy go to different colleges. The man you love is still out there waiting for you to find. Your nose will always look the way it does now. Get over it! It’s truly not necessary to verbalize every thought you have. (You’ll learn.) One day God will bless you with children and you’ll discover what it is like to have your heart walk around outside of your body. Spandex isn’t a good idea today. Spandex will never be a good idea. Forget it. You were born in love, you will live in love. You are blessed. Remember this.


Katie Pertiet:
Beach Day Paper Pack ,Fresh Cut Paper Pack ,Hobo Flowers #2

Tia Bennet: Notebooks Paper Pack
Kate Teague: Polaroid Frames] , Stamped Set Borders Element.
Ronna Penner: Eyeglasses, stitching, pencil
Steph Krush: Torn Edge Overlay

Fonts: SF Remember, FG Linnea, TIA Capital Idea