Me looking VERY cold me with my dog Misty on the Island of Skye a very VERY long time ago...! Not sure this is quite right but I have been tweaking with it for SOOO long I just hAD to post it..I don't know quite why, but as soon as I upload something I can IMMEDIATELY see what's wrong!!

Designer Digitals
Katie Pertiet Naturally Crafty paper, Title Edgers, Loosley Labled, Yarn Swirls, Ledger Grids and Stacked Photo Frames.
Lynn Grievesons Ruby's garden paper (used with L Sanfords frayed Fabric Template from Little Dreamer).

Buttons ad punched Strip form Treehouse and ocean Sunset Kits.

Tiny Torn Alpha

Amanda Rockwell's Nature's Solids paper Amber Clegg's Date Stamps.

Trish Jones Graphic Overlay.

(Most of above have been altered in some way!)