Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a girl who spent lazy afternoons with the boy I loved. We whiled away the hours at Picnic Rock, drinking wine coolers, playing the guitar, and singing to one another. When the sun burned the soles of our feet, we slipped into the river and splashed one another, our laughter filling the air around us. Later in the evening, we held hands and went for long walks along the dirt path, talking about our future together. Those days were so long ago, and yet I remember them so well. (Photo 1992)


Designer Digitals-
Katie Pertiet: Naturally Krafty, Botanist No. 15, Stitched-Up Frame, Notebook-Edge Frame, Stitching Holes, Drop Shadow Styles
Mindy Terasawa: Taped Swirls

Ah! Designs-
Amy Hutchinson: Brady Alexander Lace and Spiced Rum Flower