This is my third LO for Pattie's AAY chat series. I am loving these prompts although this one went a little off topic I think, but Pattie did say no rules right? Smile
Cassie Jones: HTDT Perfect Blend
Katie Pertiet: Letter Box,Grungy Clusters,On the Edge Flourish overlay, Orchid row (green paper),Vintage Photo Frames No6, La Cremerie Chocolat (twill tie), Spring Branch (chat freebie)
Fonts:Jane Austen, Turbo Ripped, Pea Cindy

Journaling reads:The thought of visiting or living in another time has always fascinated me. Who would I be? What would my beliefs be about different times in history while living in them instead of reading about them? The ability to see historical events first hand, meet and talk to the historical figures that have impacted our world and made it what it is today. Then I am
reminded of the fact that I am a woman and women were not higly looked upon in many days past and the likelihood of being able to break bread with these great leaders is slim. No I think I am very blessed to have been born in a time and in a country where I am not persecuted for my religious beliefs or political opinions. Where I have the right to disagree with my neighbor, my
husband, or even my political leaders. I know that many people like to find things to complain about and are doing a lot of it with elections coming up and the economy slowing, but that is the beauty of this country we are free! Free to worship God, free to live and prosper, free to disagree, free! I am proud to be an American in such a time as this and I wouldn't change my place in history for anything!