Completely inspired by "Strong Woman" by Jewel that I heard on the radio in the car and bought from iTunes as soon as I got home.. played the entire time working on this page.


As my birthday nears, I find it is a good time to reflect on how I have grown and changed over the years. Today, on the radio, I heard “Stronger Woman” by Jewel and it made me think of how very much I have changed and how blessed I am at this point in my life. I am not one to discuss the fact that I was married & divorced before Mike but it is a part of my life story and even though it was a horrible place in my life, it made me grow in so many ways. I am a stronger woman for getting through it and cherish Mike so much more because of it. I love him for not only the man that he is but also for the man he is not and the woman I am with him. We are best friends through the good days and the bad ones. Some days I am stronger than others but everyday, I am trying to see myself more and more as he sees me and loves me. Faults and all, I love myself & am a stronger woman! I am going to be 33.. so what! It is the life in the years that matter not the years in your life and my life is good!

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