flower & ribbons by katie Pertiet from Chocolate Blossom kit; overlay from Anna Aspnes Distressed Edge Overlays 3-5; wash/smudges from Katie Pertiet Watery Washes

fonts: Verdana, Trajan Pro, Springtime Flourish

Dear Isabel: Every day we go in the back yard, and you: “Plant” things in the pots (like crayons and sticks), climb into and out of the dry fountain, carry dolls and toys around and show them things in the yard, pluck stalks and leaves, investigate rocks, attempt to pick up dog poop, walk by the “danglies” in the citrus trees, touch the cable cords on the mesquites, and ask to play hose. I love to watch you play! (Except for the dog poop part; that I don’t love. Hopefully those will lose their appeal soon. But the rest of it - fun!)