I learned something new while doing this project... there is a limit to how many layers you can have in photoshop. There are thousands of Katie's Threaded Wraps bows that make up the actual nano.

Journaling: Top reasons I need to win an Ipod nano. #5. It makes doing the
dishes soooo much easier.

#4. It beats listening to
cartoons on the TV all day.

#3. They are so dang cool!

#2. It makes it easier to
not hear the nursery paging
you at the gym.

#1. It would help pass the
countless hours I spend
doing things in Photoshop
such as, macaroni type
art of an ipod nano.

KPertiet_ThreadedWrapsNo4- green, blue, & recolored
KPertiet_iLookUpTags- used strings for ipod bud cords.

Fonts: Arial & Angelina