I was so pleased with my Where's Your Belly LO that when I took these photos of Elie answering the "where's your nose" question, I decided to make a two pager of it. This is what she's famous for. She's been crinkling up her nose to get laughs since she was about 8 months old. Isn't she just the cutest! My original, was a lift of Kayleigh's wonderful page. Thanks for looking!

All products from Designer Digitals.

Katie Pertiet~
Small frame from Counting Layered Template
Vintage Frame 2
Stitching Holes
White Paper from Seaside Kit
Ledger Brushes
Art Class Brushes
Check List
Curled Journal Spots 3
Staples from Proofsheet Frames

Mindy Terasawa~
Green paper from Flutter Butter

Lynn Grieveson~
Flowers from Silk Road Kit

Anna Aspnes~
12x12 Zig Zag Stitch Frame

Rob and Bob~
Sanctuary Alpha