I asked Debi for a number between one and 300 and she said 17. So I lifted her 17th newest layout Smile Mine ended up somewhere else! (had to use this blurry photo...that I love)

Katie Pertiet's
La Cremerie Fruits Noirblended with
Naturally Krafty Paper No. 3
RedRed Paper Pack (coming soon)
Graphic Pop Clusters No. 2

Lynn Grieveson's
Breezy Hearts

Anna Aspnes'
Torn N Tattered Paper Templates No. 3
His Valentine Kit staple

Font: CK Ali's Handwriting

the words escaped your mouth and I looked at your dad. “What did he just say?” For my benefit you repeated it again, “no whip, cinnamon dolce latte.” They weren’t completely clear but clear enough for us to realize our 2.5 years old had made a few too many trips to Starbucks! Not only did you know my drink of choice but also how I like it! Had you added soy, decaf, sugar free it would have been perfect, but not even Starbucks barristas get those right!