It truly amazes me how a simple kiss can transform my toddler from a screaming, hysterical maniac to a happy, smiling boy in an instant!

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Lynn Grieveson Just a Hint Paper (slightly recolored)
Anna Aspnes Magical Sparkles Brushes
Jesse Edwards Good Times Brushes

Usually, you are quite the tough guy. Getting knocked down and bumped around generally doesnʼt faze you a bit. But there are times, when you just donʼt have it in you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. There are times, when you want, or rather, need a kiss from Mommy. You run to me sobbing dramatically while repeatedly yelling,

“Kiss it, kiss it!!!”

And if I mistakenly kiss your foot rather than your toe, you point again and demand another one. Amazingly, once my kiss reaches the appropriate destination, you are magically transformed from absolute hysteria to utter jubilation. Ahhh, the magic of a kiss.