This Lo is a lift of Amber's cute LO:

Journaling: Ah, little baby Keeper! He has an interesting story. Sabrina had spent the week-end with us and tamed Mitten’s 3 wild kittens. She was taking two of them home with her, but Justin wanted the third. They were going out of town for a few days and Justin asked if we’d keep the kitten until they returned. Sure, that was fine. What we didn’t realize was that we’d all fall in love with him now that he was tamed. He’d just lay in your arms like a baby, and I didn’t want to give him up. But, I’d said Justin could have him. That didn’t mean I had to take Keeper (as I was now calling him) TO Justin, right? Time passed, Brenda made sure he knew how attached we’d become, and though he teased us about coming & getting him, he never did. Pic taken 6/18/07 Journaling 3/2/08

Everything from DD

Katie Pertiet
--Naturally Krafty Paper Pack
--Proof Sheet Frames (staple)
--Krafty Tags Celebrate (safety pin)
--Book Cloth No2
--Notebook Edge frames
--Stitching Holes
--Loosely Labeled No2
--Stitched Elements (tab)
--Watery Brushes

Kellie Mize (oh gosh, Kellie, thanks for pointing out that this was yours!)
--Sand Grains Alpha

Pattie Knox
--Have a Heart, Vol 1 & 2