Quote (Don't know if she wrote it or if it was from someone else, was written in a gift card)
Mom & Dad are still making guesses,
if I’ll wear pants or whether it’s dresses.
If I could speak from my little crib,
in these days of Women’s Lib,
I’d soon tell them ‘bout wearing dresses,
I couldn’t care lesses.

While chatting to my mom about how I was named, we got to talking about how being pregnant has changed from when I was born to nowadays. There were no ultrasounds, no drug store pregnancy tests, no decisions about whether to know the baby’s gender ahead of time or not... Those luxuries weren’t available to them back in the 70’s.

When a woman thought she was pregnant, there was no quick way to confirm it or not. The doctors would tell her to come back 6 weeks after her last period for an exam. At that exam, they would be able to tell whether or not... in this day and age of almost instant confirmation, can you image waiting 6 weeks to find out if you already suspect it? and no ultrasounds? that seems archaic already and it really isn’t that long ago when they didn’t have them.

They didn’t have the luxury of finding out the gender ahead of time but women’s intuition has been strong for ages...

When my parents had my brother, they couldn’t find any girl names that they liked. And when they had my sister and I, they couldn’t find any boy names...

And sorry mom, but after all the baby years of being in pink dresses, you may never, ever, ever, ever see Jennifer or me in a pink dress again. Dresses and us girls barely get along and pink?!? let’s just say that red and burgundy are about as close as you will ever see us in pink again! but then you have come to know that and still love us.

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