I didn’t grow up in the country, but I grew up wishing I had. The Oak Ridge Brothers and Kenny Rogers were my musical idols as a kid; in fact, I swore one day I’d go off to Nashville and become a country singer when I grew up- nevermind I couldn’t carry a tune. I wanted to live where there were real cowboys, and I always thought I’d marry one. I spent many summer afternoons at my aunt and uncle’s farm, pretending it was my house, and even after JC and I married, I still hoped we’d end up living in the country. Someday. Maybe.

Papers- Sexy Tractor Papers by Lauren Reid, LDD
Embellishments and Alpha-Sexy Tractor Elements by Lauren Reid, LDD
Heart- Altered Hearts by Jackie Eckles, LDD
Frame from- Kid Couture kit by Lori Barnhurst, LDD
Frayed Fabric Template- Frayed Fabric Template No. 2 by Leora Sanford, LDD