I love all the "How I Got My Name" layouts appearing in our new All About You Gallery...here's mine!

Journaling reads: "After much deliberation, Mom thought she had reached a decision. She was 99% sure that...should the baby she was carrying be born a girl...her name would be Susan. The odds changed when Dad walked in the door carrying a furry little bundle one night and announced: "Meet Susie!" So...the dog got the name, and on December 29, 1953 I was born Patricia Ann Tiffany. Ten years later another little pink bundle arrived and my sister became Susan. We all still crack up when we remember the day Sue, deeply seeped in teenage angst, blurted out "You didn't even give my my own name! I had to wait for a dog to die!" Susie was a good dog and Sue is a good sister. Must be the name!


The dates on the frames are my mother's handwriting...scanned from the original photo borders and applied to the frames with a Multiply blending mode.

From Katie Pertiet:
Once Upon a Time kit

Once Upon a Time Solds paper pack

Ledger 12x12 Overlays

Ledger Grids brushes-n-stamps

Curled Notebook Paper

Vintage Photo Frames-Curled-n-Flat No 02

Fastened Frames No 01

Alpha from Aster kit

From Pattie Knox:
Felt Board Friends-Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Fonts: American Writer and Velvet Script