I lifted Debi's Ready To Go Layout.

My Journaling:

How wonderful it is to see this suitcase stuffed full of your clothes, hats, shoes, and souveniers from your New York City trip. It was your first time away from home, Jake, and I missed you like crazy. You have been planning this trip since you were seven years old, and I always knew you’’’d go. Yet, somehow, those years flew by too quickly. I worried about sending you off to the big city, but I also knew I had to let you go. I am so happy you had a great time, and I am even happier that you are home safe now.

Designer Digitals Credits:

Paper- Timeworn, Dana Zarling

Frame(Ad Challenge Freebie), Kellie Mize

Vintage Flashcard, Katie Pertiet

Photo Wrap No. 2, Katie Pertiet

Have a Heart Vol. 2, Pattie Knox

Cross Stitch from Lil Metal Charms Easter, Katie Pertiet

Tag from LAIO 4, Cassie Jones

Date Stamp Vol. 6, Katie Pertiet

Hipster Plumes, Anna ******

Drop Shadow Styles, Katie Pertiet


12 inch border stitch- Gina Miller Designs