I think I should have entitled this layout "my amazing mother". I think her expression says it all in this picture...she was and still is an amazing woman (she also knitted the sweaters and sewed the dresses we are wearing here). This picture was like a snapshot of the future, because although my siblings and I are very young, the main characteristic of each of our personalities, that remain to this day, are captured here - the "big sister", the "cheeky one", the "coy one" and ... my brother, who is usually always the one shouting the loudest!

Designer Digitals: Paper, Anna Aspnes, Monoblendze Paperie Origins 2.
Frame - K Pertiet, notebook Edge Frames.
Button - K Pertiet
Paper - Mindy Terasawa Treasured Kit
Alpha (no 4_ - Kelie Mize, Meadow Road.

Shabby Shoppe: Turq button, The Olivia Collection
Little Dreamer: Leora Sanford Frayed Fabric Template
Joanna Carvallo: Little Fish boy kit- horizontal beaded wire
Joanna Carvallo" Rio kit - tag and vertical beads
Scrapartist: Brushes, Paint it Up
The Digishoppe: Mr Funk Kit - rafia star and tag
Holly McCaig: Stitched felt Heart
Chirpi: Mums The Word - tag
Traci Murphy: Staple Fool, staples
Corinna Neilson: Burlap Flowers, flower
ABR Urban Love kit: frame.

Font: Typewriter condensed

Hope I credited everything...