Your eyes are so expressive. When you are mad, your eyebrows furrow and your eyes get dark. When you are curious, your eyebrows lift and your eyes widen. When you are lovin’ you turn your sweet face toward mine and your eyes soften. I can tell you are showing off when your eyes get a little impish gleam. And, when you are happy, dear boy, nothing can dim the twinkle of your big brown eyes.

Kim Christensen – Dirty Shirt Papers (Prima Hybrid)
Grace Bennett – Stitched Tears (Elemental Scraps)
Jackie Eckles – Frame (Little Dreamer Designs)
Anna Aspnes – Distressed Toolset 1, Distressed Overlays 1 (Designer Digitals)
Shabby Princess – Blue paper from Smarshmallows (SP)
Linda Roos – Template (In the Making Design)
Fonts – Century Gothic and Housesitters Club
Sweet, precious lovey boy – all mine