Got this done during his nap just now. I had a triple inspiration: the Saturday Scraplift (thanks Kayleigh), Katie's new layout here & Joey inspired me to do some longer journaling. TFL!!
Journaling: To my horrors, this is your favorite thing to say - and has been for several months now! I really don’t feed you that much fast food. Let me explain: When you were a little over a year old I thought you might like some Wendy’s chicken nuggets because they are nice & soft. I tried not to make a big deal of it because I didn’t want you to think that fast food was “all that.”
Well, I guess you did think it was “all that” because the very next time we drove past Wendy’s you said very clearly “coke coke fryyy.” I could not believe my ears - I do not give you Coke (ok, maybe a sip of mine) but now you call all drinks Coke. Once (ok, more than once) Daddy brought home Wendy’s and now when he comes to the door you shout “Daddy! Coke Coke Fryyy!”

Katie Pertiet:
Notebook No. 2 paper pack
Krafty Ledger paper pack (I should just add this to my signature)
Supersized Stamped alpha
Stamped Stenciled alpha
Out-of-a-Box alpha
Border Die-cuts No. 4
Instamatic Frames No. 2
Photo Wraps No. 14 (!)
Coded Brushes-n-Stamps
Assorted Tapes
Primarily Buttons
Drop Shadow Styles

Cassie Jones:
Laying It All Out No. 3 - Custom Stickers & Clever Layering

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