I think I need to explain "Smörgåstårta" very quickly...
It means "Sandwich Cake"! And it is... It's like a huge sandwich, in the shape of a cake, that you usually have for lunch- or brunch-gatherings and celebrations where you don't serve a "proper" meal.
Extremely traditional and popular here in Sweden!

"Smörgåstårta" is almost mandatory at Birthdays, Graduations, Baptisms and other celebrations in a lot of Swedish families! According to tradition, it’s usually garnished with shrimps, caviar and salmon. But since I’m not very big on seafood -
I got the “meat”-version instead for my birthday! Italian salami, olives, strawberries, rocket salad and cream cheese!

Paper from Lynn Grieveson's "Streaky Paint"
Frame is Katie Pertiet's "Journaler Frames No1"
Alphas are Katie Pertiet's "Little Bits Alpha" and "Chunky White Chipboard"
Glitter is Pattie Knox's "Shimmer Me Tidbits - Splatter"
Circles are Pattie Knox's "Round-A-Bout Felt"

Fonts are Traveling Typewriter and Satisfaction