(I did this for a challenge where we were supposed to show something that changed you. This is my #1 announcing that we were pregnant with our long-awaited baby, whom we miscarried. However, there is a happy ending! We have 2 wonderful boys!)

Jen Wilson Designs: Paper from Laundry Line Luke and Boy Solids, Rough Little Remnants, Messy Mending, Messy Mended Circles, Handy Dandy Lists
Katie Pertiet: Little Vintage Frames and Drop Shadows
Jess Gordon: Dotted Heart
Lori Barnhurst: Staples
Kathy Moore: glitter heart and button string
Buttons by Shabby Princess and Victoria Greenless
Unknown: Paperclip

This is a lift of Katie Pertiet's Jack Reads layout. Kind of. Originally, anyway!