Berry Fun

Brenda and I like to take the kids dewberry-picking along the roadsides in May. Of course, that's only when we haven't been under a drought. I'm sure we present quite a sight to the few vehicles that pass by, but the thought of berry cobbler and jam keeps that from bothering us! This particular trip was almost 5 years ago! Time does fly.

Country roadside berry-picking......hard, hot, yet rewarding work. I'm not sure that the kids were much help, though. Their pails seem rather empty to me, and I'm sure I see berry stains on Kristen's mouth. Kraig apparently has tired out and is reading a book...on the side of the road! But when it comes time for a cobbler, something tells me they’ll all be clamoring for a bowl. And being the kind of mothers we are, we won’t mention who REALLY picked the berries. Well, maybe we’ll mention it just once. May 16, 2003

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Katie Pertiet
--Spot Dots paper
--King Me kit (bg paper)
--Vintage Photo Frames No. 2
--Little Bits Alpha
--Ledger Stamped Alpha
--Stitching Holes brush
--Index Journalers
Lynn Grievson
--Woodlands Kit (butterflies)