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font: billy bear's crayons

There are no photos of the day we met... and I was too young to remember.
I've been told that it was love at first sight. My aunt Jane made you in
Home Ec. class in high school and was, from what I understand quite taken
with you herself. Lucky for me I was a pretty cute and very stubborn 3 year
There are no photographs of you before the "operation"... YOu with button
eyes and none of the stitches in your back that have forever reminded me of
a spine.
There are no photos of our lige together--- and I sometimes wonder if my lack
of childhood photos is part of the reason I obsessively photograph my own children.
But that doesn't make the memories any less special.
And though there may be no photos of our past I look forward to seeing photos of
you in the future... photos of you with my own children-- perhaps even their children
after them because you have given me so much strength and love in my life.......
and I can think of nothing more precious than you to bestow on those future generations.