A lift of "Patience" by Kayleigh (from yesterday!)


"Christmas 1999 We had Christmas dinner at Nana and Pa’s complete with the usual punch and bonbons with tacky party hats and dubious jokes. Except this year was different. Amy, who had just started to read proficiently, was delighted to find a joke just about her.

Q: What is “big Amy”? she said delightedly.

Well, we were confused...

A: Little Amy all grown up! she said with gusto, wondering why we didn’t guess.

It was only after we viewed the joke for ourselves did we realise the question word was”bigamy”. It was the funniest joke ever, but how do you explain that to a 6 year old?!"

Kraft paper from Shabby Princess “Festival”

Red paper is a blend of papers from NinaScrap’s Grabbag and Nicole Seitler’s “Whimsical Wonderland”

Stitching from SweetLittleOneLayeredTemplate by Katie Pertiet

Stitching holes by Tracy Blackenship

Distressed White chipboard by Misty Cato

Font is Rogers Typewriter

Frames from Katie Pertiet’s PinUpFramesNo2