This was a real lesson in file size adjustment...

What fun we had celebrating your birthday! Your love of ice cream led to the fun ‘cupcakes’ from Maggie Moos that were a HUGE hit. Your classmates also loved the soccer balls and tatoos. Mom and Dad had so much fun sharing your seven years with everyone as you walked around the classroom for every year. Your class liked seeing the pictures of you through the years, too.


FYI, I thought I'd add a commentary here as people seem to think I scrapped a ton of photos. The 4th from last photo in my recent photo upload was a photo of a table of kids (the picture was a mess and not one I would usually scrap) at my daughter's school. I cropped two of the kids at the table and used those in the filed photo frames. The mini scrapbook page is a JPG of the scrapbook page I took to class to share with my daughter's classmates about her seven years of life. That was all done prior to the 30 minute scrap and I simply grabbed the JPG to include it as part of the journaling as that's what we did at the birthday celebration -- eat cupcakes (which is really a brownie bottom, then chocolate ice cream with marshmallow filling and hot fudge topping) and discuss my daughter through the years.