Submission for "Obsessions" Ideabooks4U Gallery.

Wild About Cheetah. Love Leopard.
I don’t know why I have such an affinity for these BIG CAT spots
because I’m not really a cat person. We have two DOGS. I dress them in
animal prints from the cat family and they lounge in leopard print beds.
Recently I purchased MATCHING cheetah vests for myself and my two
unsuspecting dogs…but they do love dressing up in these faux feline furs.
Although parading around in public is another matter.
For now it’s our little secret. 2/08

BG: Antiquated Silk Paper {& Elements} by Dana.
Canvas Tag Mask, Metal Frame, Edger Brush by Katie.
Distressed Overlay by Anna
Picadilly Alpha by Rob & Bob.

Desyrel, Escape Typewriter.

{tfl. chris}