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Katie Pertiet:
Naturally Krafty No.3
Ledger Grids
Pinned Frames No. 1
Cutout Birds
Messy Stamped Alpha No.2

Lynn Grieveson:
Bits of Papers- Ad Challenge Freebie

Journaling reads:
You know when you have a birthday, especially as a kid, everyone asks if you feel any different, being a year older? A question I always thought was rather silly... how could you feel any older one day to the next?!! Well I turned 35 this week and I really do feel different... hard to explain, but I do feel, older (other than the aches and pains:), wiser, more mature...AND it's not scary! I am happy, content with where God has me. I feel settled, more in love with my husband, more confident as a parent, more selective of how I spend my time... more comfortable with me! Wow, I guess I am finally a full- fledged adult!

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