My son said the sweetest thing to me the other day, and I just had to scrap it.

Today, during a Pre-Algebra test, you were so worried that you weren't multiplying and dividing exponents correctly. I reminded you that you are doing 8th grade math as a 6th grader, so, yes, it might be harder, but that if it takes you longer to get it all straight, that’s okay. You have time. And if we need to go back and relearn that chapter, it just isn't anything to worry about. After that little pep talk, I got up from the couch were we had been sitting together and began walking away, but I stopped short when you, with a smile on you face, said,"Moms are nice to have around. Now I know why Dad keeps you around. This family would fall apart without you."

bg paper -- Miss Mint, After Midnight kit
overlay -- Kim DeSmet
worn strips -- Lynn Grievson
color bead alpha -- Rachel Young
staples -- Amanda Rockwell, Happiness kit
alpha -- Scraphead, Autumn Celebraton Collab Kit
frame -- Katie Pertiet, Vintage Frames 8
ties -- Katie Pertiet, Totally Tied Up
tag -- Miss Mint
fonts -- Aquiline Two & Arial